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Colleagues from the Wind department at Scanel's site in Aalborg
Colleagues from the Wind department at Scanel's site in Aalborg

  • Pride
  • Each member of staff is personally proud to say: “I work for Scanel”
  • Community
  • All staff at all levels at all locations feel part of one cooperative community
  • Respect
  • All staff respect one another, both personally and professionally
  • Trust
  • All staff trust one another and know they can rely on one another
  • Fairness
  • All staff treat each other as individuals, with kindness and with fairness

We hope our goals are your goals
Together, we will make Scanel one of the top 10 workplaces in Denmark.

Together, our staff have already made Scanel an OHSAS 18001 company.

Our working environment is internationally certified for its top-class occupational health and safety management. We just want to make it even better.

Scanel is a very dynamic, skilled company. That is because we employ very dynamic, skilled staff. To attract the best people, we make sure Scanel is a company that people are happy to work for and proud to work for.
Claus Søgaard Poulsen
CEO, Scanel

Scanel International is growing and we want your career to grow with us.
Our goal:

  • Attract the best staff, keep the best staff
  • Attract the best partners, keep the best partners
  • Attract the best customers, keep the best customers

We are continually expanding. Scanel currently has sites in Frederikshavn, Munkebo, Esbjerg, Skagen, Aalborg, England and Poland. We have staff stationed, both short-term and long-term, at customer sites abroad - and at sea. We also have some travelling positions.

Scanel spots talent when hiring. Scanel supports talent after hiring. We have a career-long programme of further training and education that allows each individual employee to develop his or her skills – and to learn new ones.

Just another day at the office for Scanel electricians
Just another day at the office for Scanel electricians

We offer the right candidates:

  • Valued, skilled work in an international environment
  • The opportunity to take responsibility and have influence on your work
  • An interesting, varied workday, every day
  • Inspirational managers who encourage you to have influence
  • Great colleagues of all ages and backgrounds
  • A wide network of professional experts at our business partners
  • A career plan with specialist training and further education
  • Personnel benefits
  • A salary and benefits commensurate with the job tasks and requirements

Our excellent reputation depends entirely on our knowledgeable, expert staff. We hire very talented people to start with, then offer them specialist training and education throughout their career.
Jens Ole Just Nielsen
HR Manager, Scanel

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Surveyed: Technical staff at 15 customers at project completion January-July 2017

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