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Always safe, always at work

Always safe, always at work

Scanel technicians have worked 417,000 hours offshore since 2008.  Our QHSE department has just calculated our total offshore LTI/LTA - time lost to incident or accident - from 2008 to the end of 2016. Total working hours lost: 0.  

A perfect record to date on all our offshore oil, gas and wind energy projects.

Scanel nominated for business award

Scanel nominated for business award

Scanel is honoured to have been nominated for the 2016 ‘Vækst og Vilje’ business award. This Erhvervshus Nord award honours an extraordinary contribution to business development in the Frederikshavn region. Scanel is proud to be nominated this year alongside 16 inspirational candidates. The winner will be announced on January 20th. 

New programme - New skills for all Scanel apprentices

New programme - New skills for all Scanel apprentices

The renowned Scanel apprenticeship programme has now been extended to include professional rotation. Every electrical, electromechanical or electronic apprentice now learns other specialist skills during scheduled periods in other departments too.

For example: An electromechanical apprentice receives training in the electrical and electronic departments. The programme also includes periods at different Scanel sites and on jobs abroad.

Scanel employs up to 16 apprentices at any given time on three-year and four-year programmes. Rasmus Repo Kjærgaard and Christian Mehl are our first colleagues to go 'on tour'.

Electrical apprentice Christian has just started his rotation in Design & Engineering. Electrical apprentice Rasmus has just started in Electronics, where his new skills include computer programming. Rasmus is pictured here as he works on an open-source Arduino programme for auto-control of cooling systems.

During rotation, each apprentice has a mentor in each department. Scanel is proud to employ up to 16 apprentices at any given time on three-year and four-year programmes. We are proud to work closely with the relevant training and educational institutes in order to develop the best apprenticeship programmes for the best apprentices.

WTG service & maintenance ISO-certification

Scanel International is pleased to announce that it has been awarded ISO quality certification for the service and maintenance of electrical installations on wind turbines, both offshore and onshore.

Following a stringent DNV-GL audit, our existing ISO 9001:2008 management system certification has been extended to include wind turbine service and maintenance.

Scanel has furthermore been approved by and registered with the Danish Energy Agency [Energistyrelsen] under its technical certification scheme for maintenance and service of wind turbines. (Executive Order no. 73.)

QHSE Manager Tina Bjerregaard has congratulated Head of Service Rune Hald Henriksen and his team on ‘well-deserved certification’.

“Quality control has always been at the centre of the wind service department’s work,” she says. “It’s the natural focus for every member of the team at a day-to-day, task-by-task level.”

  • Borkum Riffgrund Soeren Westerberg Esbjerg 4
    Snapshot: Right now, Scanel Wind Service staff are at work offshore and at sites in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • Klaus Kieseler Scanel havmoelle 2
    Scanel’s Wind Service staff are in action 24/7 both onshore and offshore

New addition to management

Scanel International is pleased to announce that it has appointed QHSE Manager Tina Bjerregaard to management. Her appointment, precisely one year after she joined the company, “further strengthens both the management team & our focus on QHSE,” said CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen. Tina joins our CEO on the management team along with CFO Kjeld Buus, HR Manager Jens Ole Just Nielsen & Head of Marine Casper Schmidt-Olsen.

Perfect safety record continues

  • Our QHSE department has been doing some fresh calculations. From 2008 to June 2016, our colleagues have worked 404,000 hours offshore on oil, gas & wind projects.

    Out of 404,000 hours, the LTI/LTA total time lost to injury or accident? 0 minutes.

    It's safe to say that we’re quite proud of our offshore colleagues and their perfect record.
  • Scanel offshore safety record
    Scanel electrician Søren Westerberg at work on a North Sea windmill

On course for the latest knowledge

  • We’re only experts because our staff are – and they keep their expertise up-to-date. Staff in all departments are offered further training throughout their career.

    In just the first six months of this year, Scanel staff completed 321 course units. Staff are booked on at least as many course units in the second half of the year.

    Courses range from project leadership to Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and from second languages to crane-driving.
  • Scanel Engineering on course
    Consultant Stig Toftgaard with Scanel engineers on a Project Leadership course

    Fall Prevention Scanel Skagen 94
    Scanel electricians & welders on a Stennevad fall-prevention course at our Skagen site

Ambitious expansion

  • 72 new colleagues in the past twelve months. 333 staff in total right now. Another 70 new colleagues expected to be hired before the end of this year.

    To facilitate Scanel’s continued expansion, the company is actively recruiting talented staff and actively planning to keep them.

    “We hire very talented people to start with, then offer them specialist training and education throughout their career,” says HR Manager Jens Ole Just Nielsen.

    Scanel has already achieved OHSAS-18001 certification for occupational health and safety management. Now the company is aiming even higher.

    “Our goal now is to make Scanel one of the top 10 workplaces in all of Denmark,’ says Jens Ole Just Nielsen.

    “To achieve that, we are focusing strongly on workplace culture. Respect, fairness and trust must be natural parts of everyday work life. We also encourage networks across departments and site locations.”

    The company’s excellent reputation depends on excellent staff, says CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen. “To attract the best people, we make sure Scanel is a company that people are happy to work for and proud to work for.”

  • A good workplace Scanel
    ‘With a view to a great career.’ Due to expansion, Scanel is actively recruiting in the national media.

New HR Manager

Skilled staff with a genuine commitment to their work are key to Scanel’s success. That is why the company is focused not only on attracting them, but on creating a workplace that makes them want to stay.

1A Jens Ole Just Nielsen feb 2

“It is fundamental to our business strategy that great staff want to work for us and want to keep working for us,” says Jens Ole Just Nielsen, new Scanel HR Manager.

On-going training, further education and individual career development are therefore key to his personnel strategy. He also puts great weight on mutual trust and respect between management and staff.

Jens Ole Just Nielsen’s own career spans not only personnel management but also the maritime business.

A trained shipbuilder, he started out at Aalborg Værft. For over 20 years in the Royal Danish Navy, he provided career guidance to thousands of constables, sergeants and officers. Immediately prior to taking up the Scanel position, he was HR Manager at Hydratech Industries which – like Scanel – supplies the offshore, maritime and wind industries.

“I am very pleased to have joined Scanel,” says Jens Ole Just Nielsen. “I look forward to working with staff in all positions and departments. Respect for one another and a sense of community – that is the key both to a great workplace and a great workforce.”

Safety at work is no accident

Soeren Westerberg Klaus Kieseler

Since 2008, Scanel staff from all sites have worked 392,000 hours in demanding offshore conditions without losing a single minute to injury.

The team at the Aalborg-based Wind department alone has worked 11,000 hours offshore and 87,200 hours onshore without even a superficial incident.

“Even the most minor injury must be registered as a Lost Time Incident,” explains Project Manager Claus Nielsen. “More serious injuries must be registered as Lost Time Accidents.”

“This team logged its first hour of work when we started on a German project in December 1st 2011. Since then, we haven’t had to file one single injury report.”

A perfect safety record doesn’t happen by accident. ‘Safety is a part of everyday life in all departments,’ says Mr. Nielsen. ‘There is such strong, visible focus on it that it is a natural priority for everybody. All our site managers and foremen focus on it, all the staff focus on it, management focuses on it.”

Customers focus on it too. That’s why an outstanding safety record is necessary not just for staff well-being, but for Sellihca pre-qualification and for OHSAS 18001 healthy & safety approval. Scanel is approved for both.

Pioneering Port

AA Havnekontor Frederikshavn 201015  25 Staff at the busy Port of Frederikshavn can now see and document every single thing that moves - while on the move themselves.

It is a really flexible system,’ says Port Assistant Jeppe Mariegaard Høgenhaug. ‘The port is being expanded, which means continual changes. I can now instantly redefine areas of surveillance any way I want, as often as I want.”To ensure maximum coverage for the staff themselves, the system has been further developed to run seamlessly on their iPads.They have just increased and intensified coverage of the harbour via a MaxSea TZ Coastal Monitoring solution that Scanel has integrated with the port’s existing systems.

‘We can also tell the system if there are individual vessels that can be expected in particular areas.

That way, we have total surveillance and full alerts, but we avoid an alarm going off every time the ferry from Læsø island sails in.’

’It records absolutely everything, in every weather, so it is especially good for documentation,’ the port assistant explains.

‘If there’s been a collision, we will have a recording that shows and documents exactly what happened. At any second, we can go back to any second over the last 14 days and recreate the situation at any point in the harbour.’

This pioneering integrated system was implemented by Scanel electronic engineers in consultation with staff at Port of Frederikshavn.

AA Havnekontor Frederikshavn 201015  3

IPad solution gives busy port staff full coverage while they’re on the move 

Electricians of the right calibre

nyhed 16oct2015
Congratulations to apprentice electrician David Seip on winning second place overall in the SkillsDenmark regional championship for talented vocational education students.

David is an apprentice in Scanel’s Orskov Yard service group and studies at EUC Nord technical college in Frederikshavn.

Championship finalists had to sit a one-hour written exam and carry out a day-long solo installation task. The finalists had to install complicated sensor lighting in a bathroom.

‘Our installations were judged down to the absolute millimetre,’ says David. ‘It was a challenge, but nothing compared to ship installation, which we do every day here.'

EUC Nord chose David to compete as one of their two top students against apprentices from all over Northern Denmark.

“We are very proud of David,’ said Morten David of EUC Nord. “The task he completed in the regional final required great technical knowledge and extreme hands-on precision. Scanel can be
proud of the fact that it trains electricians of this calibre.”

New subsidiary in England

Maja Sørensen (far left) and Søren Christian Jensen (far right) with colleagues from Scanel’s Engineering department
In response to increased customer activity in the UK wind sector, Scanel International has established a subsidiary in Middlesbrough, England.

“Our most fundamental job is to be wherever the customer needs us to be,” says Scanel CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen, who recently visited Middlesbrough with a delegation of Danish business leaders.

A number of Scanel customers have become increasingly involved in wind energy projects that are based in or off the coast of England.

“Therefore we decided to establish Scanel in Middlesbrough. We moved quickly, just as our customers do. Now we are always at the ready there, both as regards personnel and as regards local UK administration and regulation.”

In response to increased customer activity and increased orders, Scanel has also hired more staff and created new positions in a number of departments.

To ensure that customer service levels stay high in a growth area, the new position of Service Coordinator has been created in the Electronics Department. Jens Otto Sørensen, formerly of Danish Yachts, has taken up the role.

The project management department has expanded with the addition of energy technologist and qualified electrician Christian Hald Madsen as project manager. 

The Design & Engineering department has also expanded with the addition of technical assistant Maja Sørensen, Blueprints & Documentation, and electrical engineer Søren Christian Jensen.


net1 logoA fast and properly reliable 4G connection is now available at sea and offshore via mobile broadband solutions from Net 1. Scanel International is now a representative of the Danish-based technology company.

The Net 1 network’s 450 MHz frequency means that the range is up to 10 times longer than other frequencies. The range from each mast is up to 60 km, and even greater along the Swedish and Norwegian coast.

The final mast in the Danish network was upgraded on Bornholm on August 27th. The new 4G router speed can reach up to 30Mbps. Upgrading of the network in Norway and Sweden is currently underway.

For further information about maritime and offshore communication solutions using Net1 4G contact the Navigation and Communication team at Scanel.

New generation of specialists

nyhed 3sep2015
Knowledge sharing: Scanel apprentices with masters of their trades
Offshore, marine and wind installation has been added to the curriculum at Danish technical institutes following a direct consultation process with market leaders including Scanel International.

Electrical, electromechanical and electronic training with focus on these three areas was introduced at several institutes when the 2015-16 academic year commenced in August.

At the same time, Scanel expanded its renowned apprenticeship programme. Previously it employed 10 apprentices at any given time. It has just increased that to 13, and in 2016 will employ 16.

“Electrical work for the marine, offshore and wind industries is a specialist trade within a specialist trade,” says Scanel HR Manager Stig Knudsen.

“There was a clear lack of new and specialised electricians. We’re one of the biggest players on the market, so we led the way. There were no specialist courses, so we had to train our own people.”

“Marine, offshore and wind power require specific expertise. There are also niche skills within those segments. For instance, there’s a difference between working on a new ship or an upgrade. So we hired apprentices, gave them specialist training, then employed them when they qualified.”

Scanel was therefore asked to advise when Region Nordjylland [the authority for the Northern Denmark Region] recently developed vocational training programmes designed to meet the needs of major employers.

The result is the new Ship’s Electrician training programme at EUC Nord technical college in Frederikshavn, and focus on offshore and marine skills for Electromechanical Technicians (Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in Nykøbing-Falster) and Electronic Technicians (Viborg Technical School).

New Scanel apprentices are now required to complete three of these selective subjects:
- Electrical installation; ship
- Electrical installation; offshore
- Electrical installation; wind
- Lighting design and control
- Automation.

We applaud the institutes for focussing on specific future needs.” says Stig Knudsen. “We are pleased to match that commitment by taking on even more apprentices.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Surveyed: Technical staff at 13 customers at project completion January-September 2018

Customer ratings & feedback


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