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Master of apprenticeships

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Steffen Persson (l) and Jonas Gadensgaard, who recently completed their apprenticeships and now continue as full-time, qualified  tradesmen with Scanel
At any given time, 12-16 young men and women are doing electrical or electromechanical apprenticeships at Scanel. That makes Scanel one of the single biggest employers of apprentices in Northern Denmark.

Since it was founded in 1991, Scanel has consistently hired its own apprentices on a permanent, full-basis immediately after they qualified.

“Our apprenticeship programme is positive both for us and for them,” says Dennis Lavrsen, Scanel Department Manager and apprentice master.

“We give young people a specialist qualification, and we get future staff who are trained to the high level of expertise that we require.”

Every apprentice at Scanel has a master, typically the manager of the department in which he or she is based. Each master is a mentor for his apprentice, providing individual guidance and support.

An apprenticeship takes from three to four years. The apprentice works and learns hands-on at Scanel, interspersed with educational blocks of 8-10 weeks at the relevant technical institute.

The master from Scanel traditionally attends his apprentice’s graduation ceremony, wherever it takes place. Just recently, a Scanel master drove a 600 km. round-trip to attend an apprentice’s graduation at an institute in the far  corner of the country.

 “We attend to support the apprentice and also because we remember what it was like ourselves,” says Dennis Lavrsen. “I still clearly remember the day I received my certificate of completion. My master was at the ceremony and that made me feel genuinely proud.”

Being stuck in a classroom is not really me. I prefer practice to theory. The apprenticeship has been great. I’ve worked on different projects, often from beginning to end. That’s a great way to get experience. All the others on the team are very supportive.
- Steffen Persson (22), who has just successfully completed his apprenticeship. He is now employed as a qualified technician in Scanel’s Electromechanical department.

I’ve never been crazy about school. I like practical work. The apprenticeship was very hands-on. There was a lot of support. Everybody shares their knowledge. I was never just left to figure everything out for myself, and at the same time I was given the opportunity to work independently.
- Jonas Gadensgaard (20), who has just successfully completed his apprenticeship. He is now employed as a qualified electrical installer in Scanel’s Orskov Yard Service department.

“QHSE is common sense”


”Standards are a form of self-help.”
New Manager Tina Bjerregaard, who has taken QHSE
over from HR Manager Stig Knudsen.

Health and safety doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does quality. Quality, Health, Safety & Environment is therefore one of the most prominent departments in the Scanel organisation.

From clothing in the changing room to strategies in the boardroom, QHSE processes are a natural part of every aspect of everyday life for everyone at Scanel.

Since Scanel earned its first ISO certificate in 2009, HR & QHSE Manager Stig Knudsen has led the company to certification by more than 30 international quality and safety bodies.

Due to accelerated growth, Scanel has now created an independent QHSE department under new manager Tina Bjerregaard, with Stig Knudsen focusing full-time on HR.

‘QHSE is basically about common sense,’ says Tina Bjerregaard. “Standards and norms are just a form of self-help. They make it easier for each of us to manage our tasks and structure our work.”

“Standards and regulations keep us on our toes. They make us think about the way we actually work. In my experience, that motivates everyone to work better.”

“Every time we identify optimum practices, it benefits us and it benefits our customers. The positive results can be seen in everything from the development of more environmentally-friendly product solutions to healthy staff.”

“By way of example, Scanel’s sick leave statistic for the first half of this year is 1.9%. That’s compared to a Danish average of 5.1%. QHSE processes take good care of the staff. Staff take good care of themselves. Then our reliable workforce takes good care of customers.”

"Both the market and the company are expanding. We have more staff, more sites and more customers. We have therefore created a separate QHSE department. The more the company focuses on quality and safety, the more the staff do."

Stig Knudsen, HR Manager, who has
handed the QHSE department over to Tina Bjerregaard

“Increased speed & safety”

  ”New level of manoeuvrability.”
The J/U Wind. Photo courtesy of DBB Jack-Up.
More room to manoeuvre and more efficiency – both company and crew get more out of daily operations after a total electrical redesign on board two DBB Jack-Up vessels.

Scanel created a total electrical solution for DBB Jack-Up’s vessels the J/U Wind and the J/U Wind Pioneer, from concept and design through to installation, commissioning and classification documentation.

“Scanel helped us upgrade the electrical systems, which increased those vessels’ speed, safety and efficiency,” says Preben Hansen, Technical Operations Manager at DBB Jack-Up Services A/S.

Danish-based DBB Jack-Up is a specialised service provider to the offshore wind industry focusing on operations and maintenance services, decommissioning and installation support.

Work on both vessels was carried out at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, Northern Denmark, where Scanel International also has its headquarters.

“The renovation of the Wind Pioneer was so extensive that it was almost like building anew, but with the extra challenge that you have to design for a pre-existing space,” says Finn Olesen, Scanel Electrical Engineer and Designer.

“That’s what makes it interesting. It is always exciting to design new solutions for an existing ship.”

The Scanel team that worked on the J/U Wind renovation also relished the task. “We made the switch from diesel engines to diesel electrical propulsion. That gives the vessel a new level of manoeuvrability and flexibility,” says Per Melchiorsen, Scanel Electrical Engineer and Designer.

Other improvements included redesigned electrical spaces which create more physical room for the crew. There is now, for example, an extra deck and cabin space for on-board accommodation for the installation crew.

DBB Jack-Up: ‘Can do. Will do.’ Read more here

New hangars for new helicopters

  scanel 1jul2015
  Many years of cooperation:
The Danish Defence Forces, Orskov Yard and Scanel.
A 30-strong team of Scanel electricians and welders is preparing to go on board the Royal Danish Navy’s Thetis class inspection ships when they arrive for major renovation work at the Port of Frederikshavn in Denmark.

Orskov Yard has just won the order to renovate hangars on two of the Navy’s inspection frigates, with an option for two more. Scanel International A/S is Orskov Yard’s subcontractor for all the electrical work.

Each of the ice-reinforced vessels has a landing deck for one helicopter and a hangar large enough to contain it without folding the tail.

The hangars are being rebuilt and resized in order to accommodate the Danish Defence Forces’ new Seahawk helicopters. They were originally built to accommodate smaller Lynx helicopters.

The Thetis renovatiophoton project is the single biggest sub-contracting order that Scanel has received from Orskov Yard to date. The two Northern Danish companies have worked closely together on many projects for more than 15 years.

“We are naturally very pleased to have been awarded this job,” says Department Manager Dennis Lavrsen, project leader for the Scanel team that will work on the Thetis project.

“We have a lot of experience working both for Orskov Yard and on both new and renovated military vessels.”

“It is always a good experience because all parties cooperate to the maximum degree. Everybody involved knows that two things are equally important – the work must be of uncompromising quality and the work must be delivered absolutely on time.”

The Royal Danish Navy’s 1ST Squadron Thetis class inspection ships are ocean patrol frigates. The Thetis, Triton, Vædderen and Hvidbjørnen were built in the early 1990s.  

Work on the vessels will begin in Frederikshavn at the end of July. Renovation work on each ship will take 21 weeks. 

Exceeding expectations

  Skagen afdeling 100615 235a
  54 new staff have come on board since January, including in Skagen (pictured)
On January 1st 2015 Scanel CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen predicted: “We expect to hire up to 50 more staff this year.”

On June 1st 2015 Scanel HR Manager Stig Knudsen announced: ‘“We have taken on 54 new people since January and expect to hire more in the second half of the year.”

“With the new staff who started today, Scanel now employs 334 people.”

The accelerated expansion is due to a continual increase in orders from customers in each of Scanel’s business areas.

“We have expanded our teams in every sector,” says Stig Knudsen. “We needed more people for marine, wind, oil and gas projects.”

The new staff are based at various Scanel sites in Denmark and Sweden. Many Scanel staff also work both short-term and long-term at customer sites all over the world.

The 54 staff taken on in the first half of the year include electricians, engineers, electronic engineers, welders, project managers and customer service staff.

There are a number of open vacancies at Scanel at present. The company also invites unsolicited job applications from skilled technical staff. See more here

The right vacancies for the right staff

  Claus Søgaard Poulsen
CEO Scanel International A/S
Due to continued growth and increased project activity, Scanel International A/S is expanding its team of skilled technical staff.

 “We are expanding continually,” says CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen. “There are an increased number of orders and projects both in Denmark and abroad.”

“It is essential for us that we always maintain the highest level of customer service. We make sure, therefore, that we always have the right staff with the right competencies to meet all of our customers’ requirements.”

The company has therefore hired a significant number of new electricians, engineers and other technical staff since the start of this year, and is seeking to hire more.

“Scanel is a very dynamic, highly skilled company,’ says Mr. Poulsen. “That is because we take great care when hiring – we make sure to employ very dynamic, highly skilled staff.”

Aside from advertised vacancies, the company always welcomes unsolicited job applications from candidates with technical skills.

Candidates will be considered for positions based at a number of Scanel locations including Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Aalborg and Skagen, and also for offshore positions.

Scanel International A/S is an OHSAS 1800 [Occupational health & safety management] certified workplace.

A perfect safety record

Thoke Flamgaard (l), Offshore, and
Stig Knudsen, QA Manager
300,000 hours working in demanding offshore conditions – without losing one tiny second to one tiny injury.

Safety rules for working in offshore environments are famously stringent. All staff must log even superficial injuries that are sustained while working offshore.

That is the perfect record maintained since Scanel entered the offshore market in 2008.

Scanel QA must record every logged injury in Lost Time Incident (minor) and Lost Time Accident (more serious) reports.

The reports are used for internal assessment. They are also required by independent quality auditors.

‘Over seven years, we’ve logged 300,000 working hours,’ says Thoke Flamgaard, Scanel Offshore. ‘The total time lost due to incidents or accidents: nul.’

“All the Offshore staff are rightly proud of their safety record. They work in demanding conditions at sea, often at heights of up to 100m. And yet to date, nobody has even got a splinter in their finger.”

An excellent safety record is essential to achieve Sellihca pre-qualification and OHSAS 18001 staff safety, health and security approval.

"It’s critically important for quality certification and for our customers,” says Scanel QA manager Stig Knudsen. “And it’s even more important for everyone who works here. Staff safety is our number one priority."

Staff safety cert for Scanel

Staff safety cert for Scanel

”OHSAS 18001 is all about people,” says Stig Knudsen, Scanel HR & QA manager. “That’s precisely why it is a difficult quality accreditation for companies to achieve.”

Scanel has achieved it. Or rather, Scanel’s people achieved it. After an intensive three-day audit at the company headquarters in Frederikshavn, Det Norske Veritas has just granted Scanel OHSAS 18001 approval.

“Scanel already has ISO 9001 and 14001 approval. Those certifications are about managing quality and the environment,” says Stig Knudsen. “Those are things we can control. 18001 is about the workplace environment. It’s about people and behaviour, so it’s harder to achieve.”

OHSAS 18001 focuses on staff safety, health and security. To be certified, a company must meet stringent requirements about everything from rates of sick leave to the distance between a lunch room and the nearest handbasin.

More orders, more staff

More orders, more staff

Scanel expects to hire another 50 staff in order to meet demand for products and services.

“In 2014, turnover increased by more than 20%,” reports Claus Søgaard Poulsen, Scanel Managing Director. “We expect similar growth this year.”

Scanel currently employs around 300 staff. The company has won a number of major new orders within the marine, offshore, oil, gas and wind sectors.

‘We are providing more products, services and staff for projects including floating hotels, new ship builds, platform renovations & pollution control. We have hired a number of experienced new staff recently and expect to hire up to 50 more during the year.”

The new staff are expected to include electricians, mechanics, fitters and project managers.

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Scanel pre-qualification

Scanel pre-qualification

Scanel has once again been certified as a pre-qualified supplier in the Nordic region; Achilles has just re-approved & renewed the company’s Sellihca registration.

Sellihca is a supplier register and pre-qualification system used by the Nordic utilities to manage supplier information and risk within the supply chain. Customers are further assured that each company on the Sellihca register operates efficiently within EU regulations.

Scanel International A/S is a registered supplier in
Sellihca Nordic Utility Pre-Qualification System
Sellihca Certificate of Pre-Qualification


Scanel International A/S is proud to announce that apart from Furono DK, Scanel service engineers Leo Frandsen and Johnny L. Jørgensen have been certified to carry out VDR surveys (APT) on behalf of Furuno Japan, as the only two service engineers in Denmark.

Polar Princess

Polar Princess (trawler) rebuilt at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014.
A brand new advanced technology factory established on board.

All electrical installations completed by Scanel International A/S:
  • Extension of hull
  • Factory
  • New refrigeration equipment
  • New PMS system
  • New CCTV system
  • Various electrical modifications

Entel – New Market Success

Entel – New Market Success
Entel HT644 GMDSS Portable – Commercial Grade, Affordable, User Friendly

Entel is a fully independent company operating its own design and manufacturing divisions with distribution to a global market. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment, so that users can communicate with confidence across land-based and marine applications.

Entel develop and produces a long range of VHF and UHF based products, which also includes ATEX and MED approved radios. Scanel International A/S has decided to market the hole Entel Marine Program including the GMDSS products to very competitive prices. Beside this, we have the Entel accessory program in our portfolio.

For further information please contact Scanel International A/S.

pdfHT Series 2.0

pdfNew Market Succes - Entel HT644

IP CCTV is also our business!

“What is IP CCTV? IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The ultimate benefit of this over analogue CCTV systems is greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation. Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured, leading to the developments in Megapixel IP.”

“Greater Flexibility. IP CCTV systems do not require local recording, they can transmit their images across Local Networks, the Internet and Wide Area Networks to a central location, where they can be recorded, viewed and managed.”

“Better Camera Performance. IP CCTV systems convert all images to data and have no theoretical limit to resolution, providing the relevant bandwidth to transmit the images exists. Our IP cameras offer especially high detail precision with Megapixel resolution, at least 3x better quality than standard analogue cameras. These are very affordable, with pricing equivalent to analogue CCTV systems.”

“Easier System Installation. IP CCTV systems run over existing IP networks, wired or wireless, this makes wiring IP CCTV systems simple, causing less disruption, reducing the time required to install them and minimizing unsightly cables. For anyone familiar with networking, setting up an IP based system is simple with intuitive operation and evaluation. Simple 1 camera systems only require an IP Camera connected to a network/internet connection, and they can then be viewed by a PC using Internet Explorer. If POE (Power over Ethernet) IP cameras and networks are used then the IP CCTV cameras do not even need separate power, they can be powered via the network cable.”

“Better System Integration. IP CCTV systems communicate using IP, allowing them to integrate and co-exist on the same network/cabling as other IP based systems, such as Access Control and IP Phone Systems etc... Integration also means that these different systems can work together, for example an IP camera picking up movement will be able to transmit images of that movement to an IP Video Phone automatically. IP systems also allow the direct use of IP-based services as standard such as e-mail or image sending via FTP.”

“Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and its XProtect VMS is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect is easy to use, yet powerful software that is designed with open architecture. This means that all XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving you the freedom to mix and match hardware to fit your needs and budget. Because XProtect is based on a true open platform, you have the ability to integrate with today’s best analytics and business solutions and to expand what is possible with future innovations.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Surveyed: Technical staff at 13 customers at project completion January-September 2018

Customer ratings & feedback


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