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Continual Scanel education and training

Continual Scanel education and training
Concentrating on new skills: 1,436 Scanel course units since 2015

Scanel staff have completed 1,436 course units just since 2015 – and that number keeps rising. Scanel offers staff ongoing further education and specialist training. Courses range from crane-driving to cable installation and from strategic management to sea survival.

Our latest ‘students’ are staff who just completed the first module of a certified third-level Communications course – some of them seen here in deep concentration during the closing session. Almost 70 colleagues from various Scanel departments and sites are taking this course in a series of four teams. Course leader: Stig Toftgaard of DoAct.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Surveyed: Technical staff at 18 customers at project completion January-December 2017

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