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“Increased speed & safety”

  ”New level of manoeuvrability.”
The J/U Wind. Photo courtesy of DBB Jack-Up.
More room to manoeuvre and more efficiency – both company and crew get more out of daily operations after a total electrical redesign on board two DBB Jack-Up vessels.

Scanel created a total electrical solution for DBB Jack-Up’s vessels the J/U Wind and the J/U Wind Pioneer, from concept and design through to installation, commissioning and classification documentation.

“Scanel helped us upgrade the electrical systems, which increased those vessels’ speed, safety and efficiency,” says Preben Hansen, Technical Operations Manager at DBB Jack-Up Services A/S.

Danish-based DBB Jack-Up is a specialised service provider to the offshore wind industry focusing on operations and maintenance services, decommissioning and installation support.

Work on both vessels was carried out at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, Northern Denmark, where Scanel International also has its headquarters.

“The renovation of the Wind Pioneer was so extensive that it was almost like building anew, but with the extra challenge that you have to design for a pre-existing space,” says Finn Olesen, Scanel Electrical Engineer and Designer.

“That’s what makes it interesting. It is always exciting to design new solutions for an existing ship.”

The Scanel team that worked on the J/U Wind renovation also relished the task. “We made the switch from diesel engines to diesel electrical propulsion. That gives the vessel a new level of manoeuvrability and flexibility,” says Per Melchiorsen, Scanel Electrical Engineer and Designer.

Other improvements included redesigned electrical spaces which create more physical room for the crew. There is now, for example, an extra deck and cabin space for on-board accommodation for the installation crew.

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Customer satisfaction

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