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Old apprentice, new colleague

Old apprentice, new colleague
Scanel electrician Daniel Wiesneck after completing his final exam task before graduation.

A proud Scanel tradition continued when, at the same ceremony, Daniel Wiesneck graduated as a Scanel apprentice and was hired as our newest qualified electrician. Based at EUC Nord and specialising in installation, Daniel started his apprenticeship with Scanel International in June 2014. He is now a fully-qualified marine electrician based with the Orskov Yard Service department at Scanel HQ in Frederikshavn.

Scanel employs up to 16 apprentices at any given time on three-year and four-year programmes.  Each electrical, electromechanical or electronic apprentice also learns specialist skills via a special rotation programme in other departments and at different company sites in Denmark and abroad.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

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