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Precision work - Scanel dynamic balancing

Balancing a wind turbine rotor at Scanel electromechanic workshop

A half gramme of metal shavings makes all the difference when ensuring that a 4-tonne motor works flawlessly. And a flawless 4-tonne motor makes all the difference when ensuring that a wind turbine or 24-hour factory production line operates continuously and safely.

Scanel electromechanical technician Jes Ravnkilde is one of our experts in dynamic balancing – ensuring that generators and motors rotate perfectly with no imbalances that could cause a breakdown.

When he tests machinery like this 1077 kg wind turbine rotor, Jes traces and measures even the tiniest imbalance using state-of-the art Schenck CAB 920 equipment. Hands-on human expertise is needed to correct the imbalance, placing a fractionally-precise degree of weight on a fractionally-precise point.

Corrections can be made by adding a bolt or attaching industrial modelling clay. To ensure absolute precision, the clay or bolt is weighed. The weight of the shavings removed when the bolt is screwed in is subtracted. That 0.5 g of shavings is critical to perfect operation of a 4-tonne motor.

The Scanel Electromechanical team repairs and overhauls motors, generators and pumps both at our workshop in Frederikshavn and at customer sites. The technicians balance machinery ranging from 1 kg to 4 tonnes.

The Scanel & Telenor teams working

Correcting imbalance by attaching modelling clay at a fractionally-precise point

Telenor Maritime dome

The right balance: Schenck CAB 920 technology + human expertise

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

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