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HSE Instruction compliance – COVID-19

Scanel International A/S has implemented an instruction to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our sites. The instruction is based on trust and a joint effort to ensure that Scanel International A/S remain as a safe place to work.

In line with other HSE regulations, it is essential to comply with the guidelines in this instruction, so that we together can minimize the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19 virus among our employees – as well as contribute to limit the spread of infection in a lager societal perspective.

It is expected that no one is unaware of the Corona virus and its severity, whether it is Scanel International A/S employees or external colleagues who will be travelling on behalf of Scanel International A/S.

The barriers which are established through the instructions, including follow-up before and when travelling and assumes that all employers are informed about our guidelines, responds sincerely and acts with common sense.

At Scanel International A/S, we follow the current advice and recommendations from the Danish health authorities.

Summary of guidelines for all Scanel International A/S employers:

I experience symptoms of coronavirus / I have been tested positive with coronavirus
If you have symptoms (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, etc.) or have been tested positive for coronavirus, it is important that you call in sick and do not show up for work. In case of symptoms, you should consult a doctor for testing, go into self-isolation and pay special attention to hygiene and cleaning. If the test is positive, you must, as the authorities recommend, stay at home until you have been symptom-free for 48 hours. If the test is negative, you can return to work.

Someone in my household is sick or showing symptoms of coronavirus
If a member of your household has been infected with coronavirus or has symptoms of coronavirus, you must be tested for coronavirus and stay at home until you have the result from the test. The infected person must go into self-isolation. If someone in your home shows symptoms, you are welcome to go to work if you do not have symptoms yourself. The person infected must be tested and go into self-isolation.

In these situations, we naturally ask you to be extra careful about hygiene, distance, etc. for the sake of your colleagues.

If you have been exposed to Corona virus disease or potential corona virus infection – you shall not travel.

Contact Scanel before you show up for work
It is important that you contact Scanel before showing up for work if you or someone in your household has been diagnosed with coronavirus or is showing symptoms of the same.

You must call your immediate manager or resource planner, Karina Nygaard on tel. +45 25234560.

All questions can be forwarded directly to the management.

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