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New offshore rig company has decades of experience

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OVS Offshore: Bjørn Strandos (Board member), Claus Søgaard Poulsen (CEO), Lars Fischer (Chairman of the Board) and Thoke Flamgaard (Sales & Projects Director)

Scanel International is proud to announce that Scanel, Orskov Group and VMS Group have joined forces to create OVS Offshore: an additional, separate company that combines our offshore expertise and experience on the global oil og gas market.

The new company is jointly and equally owned by Scanel, VMS and Orskov Group. It brings together offshore rig expertise from three companies with over 700 specialist staff.

“Our three companies have a range of specialist skills and solutions for the oil & gas industry,” said Claus Søgaard Poulsen, CEO Scanel and also CEO OVS Offshore. “We have been cooperating on customer projects for decades, including at least ten years working together on specific oil & gas offshore projects.”

“By bringing all that knowledge and know-how officially together in OVS Offshore, we can offer the customer a very broad spectrum of products and services, all brought together in one complete solution.” This ensures that OVS Offshore has both the skills and the capacity to compete with the very biggest competitors on the market. Other OVS advantages:

- Location at expanding Port of Frederikshavn

- Not far from the North Sea, space and deep-water access for even the big rigs

- Own workshops and services on-site at Port of Frederikshavn

- 100+ proven local partners and suppliers – optimum service, repair and renovation solutions

Well-known Scanel offshore sales manager Thoke Flamgaard has been appointed OVS Offshore Sales & Projects Director.

OVS Offshore CEO: Claus Søgaard Poulsen [CEO Scanel International].

OVS Offshore Chairman of the Board: Lars Fischer [Sales & Technical Director Orskov Group].

OVS Offshore Member of the Board: Bjørn Strandos [Chief Technical Officer VMS Group].

Scanel Head of Oil & Gas Peter Lindegaard continues to develop offshore business at Scanel. The Offshore departments at Scanel, Orskov and VMS will work closely through OVS Offshore.

To contact OVS Offshore:

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Thoke Flamgaard

OVS Sales & Projects Director

Tel: +45 2141 8982

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Customer satisfaction

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