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New programme - New skills for all Scanel apprentices

The renowned Scanel apprenticeship programme has now been extended to include professional rotation. Every electrical, electromechanical or electronic apprentice now learns other specialist skills during scheduled periods in other departments too.

For example: An electromechanical apprentice receives training in the electrical and electronic departments. The programme also includes periods at different Scanel sites and on jobs abroad.

Scanel employs up to 16 apprentices at any given time on three-year and four-year programmes. Rasmus Repo Kjærgaard and Christian Mehl are our first colleagues to go 'on tour'.

Electrical apprentice Christian has just started his rotation in Design & Engineering. Electrical apprentice Rasmus has just started in Electronics, where his new skills include computer programming. Rasmus is pictured here as he works on an open-source Arduino programme for auto-control of cooling systems.

During rotation, each apprentice has a mentor in each department. Scanel is proud to employ up to 16 apprentices at any given time on three-year and four-year programmes. We are proud to work closely with the relevant training and educational institutes in order to develop the best apprenticeship programmes for the best apprentices.

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Customer satisfaction

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