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Safety at work is no accident

Soeren Westerberg Klaus Kieseler

Since 2008, Scanel staff from all sites have worked 392,000 hours in demanding offshore conditions without losing a single minute to injury.

The team at the Aalborg-based Wind department alone has worked 11,000 hours offshore and 87,200 hours onshore without even a superficial incident.

“Even the most minor injury must be registered as a Lost Time Incident,” explains Project Manager Claus Nielsen. “More serious injuries must be registered as Lost Time Accidents.”

“This team logged its first hour of work when we started on a German project in December 1st 2011. Since then, we haven’t had to file one single injury report.”

A perfect safety record doesn’t happen by accident. ‘Safety is a part of everyday life in all departments,’ says Mr. Nielsen. ‘There is such strong, visible focus on it that it is a natural priority for everybody. All our site managers and foremen focus on it, all the staff focus on it, management focuses on it.”

Customers focus on it too. That’s why an outstanding safety record is necessary not just for staff well-being, but for Sellihca pre-qualification and for OHSAS 18001 healthy & safety approval. Scanel is approved for both.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Surveyed: Technical staff at 13 customers at project completion January-September 2018

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