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About Scanel customer assessments

- When a project is completed, the Scanel Project Manager asks technical staff at the customer to complete a (voluntary) questionnaire.

- For two consecutive years we have had 100% customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, we adjusted our questionnaire hoping to find areas in which we could improve our performance. In 2018 we made a new survey, which gives a more detailed review of each project and as a result we already have identified some opportunities for improvement. In the new questionnaire 7 aspects of the project are assessed, they are as follows:
  1. Project management & communication
  2. Performance of the staff
  3. Project carried out on schedule
  4. Project completed according to order confirmation
  5. Considering the environmental aspects during the project
  6. Effectiveness of Scanel's health and safety measures
  7. How well did the overall performance match customer’s expectations?
- Scanel QHSE registers the completed survey in the Scanel customer assessment database.

- QHSE and the Project Manager go through the feedback. The Project Team follows up on any suggestions for improvement. If work practice changes are made, the Project Manager registers these with QHSE.

- The QHSE Manager shares the individual survey results with all staff through our internal information channel.  Praise and/or points for improvement are specified.

- QHSE updates the overall Scanel Customer Satisfaction rating for the current year with the new result. The current satisfaction rating is displayed on our internal information channel (big screens at all sites worldwide), on the company Intranet and on this website.

- The customer assessment database is open to all staff via the company’s Intranet.


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